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Lê Almeida “Paraleloplasmos” tape out now


New tape from Lê Almeida is out and you can buy it now!

Five bucks + shippingAvailable from Bandcamp or directly through this fine Lost Sound Tapes website.

Clear red cassette tape with hand stamped labels and full color double sided artwork, limited to 100 copies.

“The second Lê Almeida cassette on Lost Sound Tapes. Brazilian indie rock extraordinaire. Fantastic album. This time around the band mixes their laser guided, pop songs with some more extended style indie rock jammers. Lots to like from the man behind of Brazil’s coolest record label, Tranfusao Records. For fans of classic, catchy rock bands like Pavement, Guided By Voices, and Dinosaur Jr.”

CD edition by our friends at Jigsaw Records and LP coming soon from IFB Records. Available digitally directly from the band.

Jon Manning

Squilll (Lily from Parasol) “Daughters of the Earth” tape


Lily of Parasol has a new project called Squilll. The tape comes out tomorrow but you can buy it now!

Five bucks + shippingAvailable from Bandcamp or directly through this fine Lost Sound Tapes website.

Clear green cassette tape with hand stamped labels and full color double sided artwork, limited to 100 copies.

Beautiful and powerful solo album from Lily of Parasol. The opening drone of the album has a Mount Eerie vibe to it before breaking into essentially a slowed down, volume up, pop song. Over the 7 track album, the songs take you from drone to pop to punk to country to heavy rock and roll to folk. The constants, at the forefront of all of these songs, are the production (Recorded by Jay Duguay, Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air), Lily’s guitar and heart. Recommended for those who like Mount Eerie, Waxahatchee, Rose Melberg, and Parasol. In case you were wondering “squill” is a common name for several lily-like plants.”

Jon Manning

Love Cuts/Burnt Palms and OK Vancouver OK tapes out now

love-cuts-burnt-palms influences-cover

Hey! It’s time for a pair of new releases! Bringing us up to 10 new cassette tapes for the year 2014. Hope you’ll love them as much as I do.


Available now! An international split cassette tape release from two very close bands, Love Cuts (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Burnt Palms (Seaside, CA, USA). 4 tracks from each band.

Both bands have a strong female perspective, crunchy guitars, and pop hooks galore. Lots to like here. Two very talented and inspiring west coast bands, some of the best! The songs seem to reflect their surroundings a bit as the Love Cuts have a little darker, northwest gloom to them while Burnt Palms tracks have a sunnier, coastal California feel.

You may know Love Cuts from their excellent 7″ on Nominal Records, “Glitter” tape or “+2 -1″ EP, all of which are phenomenal. Burnt Palms has an equally impressive track record with two full length albums and a split tape on the UK-based Very Gun Records.

First edition of 100 copies. SOLID WHITE cassette tape w/ hand stamped white labels, red ink. Includes digital download code.

$5 + shipping. Get it in the Lost Sound Tapes online store or get it from Bandcamp if you prefer!



Available now! New album from Vancouver-based 3 piece do-it-together lo-fi no-wave experimental pop band, OK Vancouver OK! Follow up to the “Food Shelter Water” album.

It’s their 9th full length album, 2nd cassette tape on Lost Sound Tapes. After lots of solo 4-track recordings, the past two albums have been recorded with meticulous care by Eli Moore (LAKE) and the band on Whidbey Island in Washington state. The surroundings and sounds from the album make many appearances in form of sound collage and photography from the recording session. Each song has its own “Influences”, try to figure out what they are. I don’t even know all of them for sure, so don’t ask me, just make your own assumptions and guesses. 0

These songs take a less directly political approach than their album “Food Shelter Water” did and exchanges it with a clearly humanistic approach to songwriting and outlook on the world. Jeff and Laura of OK Vancouver OK recently had a baby and this seems like a direct influence on the album, especially on the song “Collection Of Changes”.

Side A contains the full album “Influences”, while the Side B is a composite of demos, outtakes and alternate versions. Over 80 minutes complete running time. That’s a lot of music.

First edition of 100 copies. CLEAR RED cassette tape w/ hand stamped seafoam colored labels. Includes digital download code.

$5 + shipping. Get it in the Lost Sound Tapes online store or get it from Bandcamp if you prefer!



COOL “Paint” Cassette Tape (LST-66)

Imaginary Pants “Kites At Night EP” Cassette Tape (LST-65)

Your Heart Breaks “New Ocean Waves/Sailor System” Cassette Tape (LST-63)

Craig Salt Peters “Songs For Hungry Ghosts” Cassette Tape / CD (LST-62)

Nar “History” Cassette Tape (LST-61)

Cave Babies “Accomplish Nothing” Cassette Tape (LST-60)

The Skywriters “Skywriter Blue 1998-2000″ Cassette Tape (LST-59)

Diners “Always Room” cassette tape (LST-64) is sold out but we’ll be making more for their tour in late December/early January.

Jon Manning

COOL and Imaginary Pants tapes still available

cool-paint---cover-front kites-at-night-cover

Here’s a little belated love for the COOL “Paint” and Imaginary Pants “Kites At Night” tapes. COOL was released in August and Imaginary Pants was released all the way back in May but I hadn’t written about them on the LST website until now! Both are incredibly special tapes but life got busy and the website stayed quiet.


LST-66 COOL “Paint” cassette tape

NOW ON CASSETTE TAPE! COOL is Adrian and Amanda from Apollo Ghosts and Shawn Mrazek from Shawn Mrazek Lives!Self released LP edition is sold out, now available on BUBBLE GUM PINK cassette tapes, limited to 100 copies :D

MP3s available (name your price) from the band via their Bandcamp page:

I know this tape only came out recently, but COOL is now going by COOL TV. Take note going forward into the future.

“While Apollo Ghosts favoured succinct jangle-punk anthems, Cool’s songs are longer and more groove-oriented. There’s an undercurrent of funk in “Saffron” and “Blue,” while other songs venture into danceable post-punk territory, and closer “Gold” has a dreamily cinematic acoustic pulse.

The album was recorded by Vancouver production team JC/DC (Destroyer, the New Pornographers), with contributors including Karl Blau, Rose Melberg, Larissa Loyva and more.” – Exclaim

“Paint is a jangly jumper of a record featuring eight colour-themed songs, with touches of post-punk, new wave, folk and even splashed of horns that will make Apollo Ghosts fans very happy.” – Vancouver Sun


LST-65 Imaginary Pants “Kites At Night” EP cassette tape

AVAILABLE NOW! New EP from Imaginary Pants! 5 song variety pack that spans almost exactly 11 minutes. Keeps you on your toes. For your convenience, program repeats on both sides. Rose Melberg and Jon Manning figure out the best way to make the most racket and prettiest melodies with only two people; no more, no less. Their strongest work to date following a self titled cassette tape EP on Lost Sound Tapes and a 2 song 7″ single from Rok Lok Records.

Clear red cassette tapes with hand stamped labels, red ink on white. Limited edition of 100 copies.

50 copies available from the band and 50 copies for mailorder.

“I’m really in love with their most recent EP, Kites at Night.  Perhaps it’s because there’s five new songs; you can’t ever complain when you get five songs with Rose Melberg involved. There’s a variety of songs too, with the one below opening the EP up with a warm bit of summery pop, but there’s also a couple of more upbeat tracks like “Creaking Gates” and “Bleak Outside.”  Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed with what you’re getting.” – Austin Town Hall

“This is good stuff, full of light and melody and hooks. “Creaking Gates” positively soars, Rose’s and Jon’s vocal harmonies carrying the tune forward.” – A Pessimist is Never Disappointed



Pre-order the upcoming LST releases, official release date Nov. 22nd:

Love Cuts & Burnt Palms “Split” cassette tape

OK Vancouver OK “Influences” cassette tape w/ exclusive B-Side

Jon Manning

New tapes from Diners & Your Heart Breaks coming May 16th + more Ashley Eriksson

2 new tapes coming out on May 16 Diners “Always Room” and Your Heart Breaks “New Ocean Waves/Sailor System”, and a 2nd edition of  the Ashley Eriksson “Colours” tape from last year with new artwork.



Diners “Out Of The Blue” by Lost Sound Tapes


Diners, from Phoenix, Arizona, have created a vulnerable and beautiful album for daydreamers. “Always Room” is their debut full length album following their beloved “Throw Me A Ten” 7 song mini-album from 2012. Diners songwriter, Tyler Broderick, has created a length album that is perfectly Arizonan, even if direct lyrical references are not present. “Always Room” channels the similarly sunny vibes and disarming honesty of his former Phoenician contemporaries iji and French Quarter. Production-wise, the goal was to “make sure that every song had it’s own mix and atmosphere, regardless of structure or instrumentation”. This is achieve in a variety of ways throughout songs such as “Citrus”, “Out Of The Blue”, “My House / How Things Go”, and “Overcasters” – all of which have distinct and separate moods. Diners “Always Room” will be released on cassette tape and LP in 2014.

First edition of 100 solid white cassette tapes with hand stamped, pale blue labels in soft polybox cases, comes with digital download and exclusive cassette-only artwork by the one and only Nick Shively

Release date: May 16th, 2014

LP to be co-released July 3rd 2014 by Diet Pop Records of Tucson, AZ and Phat’n’Phunky Records of San Jose, CA.


your heart breaks new ocean waves sailor system cassette tape on lost sound tapes


Your Heart Breaks “New Ocean Waves” by Lost Sound Tapes

First time on cassette tape! Clyde Petersen says about this tape:

“These two Your Heart Breaks albums were recorded in the cold winter days of January 2006. We traveled to Olympia, Washington and hid out  at Dub Narcotic Studios for two weeks.

These were experimental sessions. Improvisation, sonic tests, and large live group recordings were the foundation. We worked day and night. There was no doorbell at the studio, so musicians threw pennies at the windows to let us know they had arrived. The street was scattered with pennies. These albums are also scattered with pennies.

Words & Compositions: Clyde Petersen / Album Engineering: Karl Blau / The original art was designed by  Meghan Hanlon

“New Ocean Waves” was originally issued on CD by Plan-It-X and MASA Records. “Sailor System” was originally issued on CD by Don’t Stop Believin’ Records.

This tape edition comes with remixed artwork featuring art from both albums, solid white cassettes and seafoam colored, hand stamped labels. No download, no worries.

Release date: May 16th, 2014




Ashley Eriksson “Arguably” by Lost Sound Tapes

Second edition of the Ashley Eriksson “Colours” tape! With new, improved artwork and sound quality. This is the follow up to the fantastic solo albums ‘Decarnarnation’ and ‘Seasonal Music’ on the late, great Brown Interior Music. Ashley Eriksson from LAKE creates beautiful piano pop songs with a gentle touch. Some of these songs went on to become LAKE songs, some exist peacefully, forever, solely on this album. Do you love the show Adventure Time? I DO! You may recognize her voice from the show since she wrote the song that plays during the end credits of the show (it’s called “Island Song” in case you’re wondering).

CD/LP/Digital released by K Records of Olympia, WA. Detailed information about the songs located at

Edition of 100 with full color j-card, clear blue cassette tapes with pale blue, hand stamped labels.

Release date: May 16th, 2014

Jon Manning

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