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New! Hoop "Super Genuine" Cassette Tape / LP Record / CD

Debut album from Seattle "soft grunge" (read: melodic soft rock) four-piece featuring members of Autococcoon, Sick Sad World, Garpal, and Ings. Eleven songs recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes with guest performances by Allyson Foster (Mount Eerie, LAKE, Stephen Steinbrink) and Briana Marela. LP on Decency Den, CD on Jigsaw Records.

New! Shrouded Amps "Come Along to the Chocolate Church" Cassette Tape

New six song EP from Vancouver, B.C. trio Shrouded Amps! “Come Along to the Chocolate Church” is performed by primary songwriter Matthew Budden, bassist Tracey Vath (Knife Pleats / Love Cuts), and drummer Eirinn M (Bad Fate).
Price: $5.00