YOUR HEART BREAKS "New Ocean Waves/Sailor System" cassette tape

Lost Sound Tapes

Catalog No: LST-63



First time on cassette tape! Clyde Petersen says about this tape:

“These two Your Heart Breaks albums were recorded in the cold winter days of January 2006. We traveled to Olympia, Washington and hid out  at Dub Narcotic Studios for two weeks.

These were experimental sessions. Improvisation, sonic tests, and large live group recordings were the foundation. We worked day and night. There was no doorbell at the studio, so musicians threw pennies at the windows to let us know they had arrived. The street was scattered with pennies. These albums are also scattered with pennies.

Words & Compositions: Clyde Petersen / Album Engineering: Karl Blau / The original art was designed by  Meghan Hanlon”

“New Ocean Waves” was originally issued on CD by Plan-It-X and MASA Records. “Sailor System” was originally issued on CD by Don’t Stop Believin’ Records.

This tape edition comes with remixed artwork featuring art from both albums, solid white cassettes and seafoam colored, hand stamped labels. No download, no worries.