ASHLEY ERIKSSON "Colours" vinyl LP / CD

K Records


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Second edition of the Ashley Eriksson “Colours” tape! With new, improved artwork and sound quality. This is the follow up to the fantastic solo albums ‘Decarnarnation’ and ‘Seasonal Music’ on the late, great Brown Interior Music. Ashley Eriksson from LAKE creates beautiful piano pop songs with a gentle touch. Some of these songs went on to become LAKE songs, some exist peacefully, forever, solely on this album. Do you love the show Adventure Time? I DO! You may recognize her voice from the show since she wrote the song that plays during the end credits of the show (it’s called “Island Song” in case you’re wondering).

Detailed information about the songs located at

Edition of 100 with full color j-card, clear blue cassette tapes with pale blue, hand stamped labels.