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Orange Twin Records

MADELINE / KARL BLAU / YOUR HEART BREAKS "Tour EP" seven inch record

MADELINE / KARL BLAU / YOUR HEART BREAKS "Tour EP" seven inch record

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"Madeline Adams from Orange Twin Records stopped by Department Of Safety in Anacortes during the summer of 2008. With some local artists and a few well-known names, she recorded with them what would become Tour EP, a collection of six songs previously available only via a CD-R sold while on the road. It now gets proper release via Orange Twin on vinyl 7″. The songs feature Clyde Peterson from Your Heart Breaks and Karl Blau. Other staples dropped by to lend expertise, including Mount Eerie/Microphones master Phil Elverum and Gus Franklin of Architecture In Helsinki. 

What’s surprising about Tour EP is how amazing the songs are, from opening track “Boy You Love To Make Me Cry” to the orchestral romp “I Waited All Day”. Tour EP blends the lo-fi genius of K Records with the post-Elephant 6 brilliance that populates Orange Twin. “I Waited All Day” leads into the exceptional slow duet “Unbind These Roots” featuring Your Heart Breaks. The EP concludes with the haunting “Post To Wire”, performed by Madeline and Blau." - Fensepost

Side A

1. Boy You Love To Watch Me Cry by Madeline
2. Holding On by Your Heart Breaks

Side B

3. I Waited All Day by Madeline
4. Unbind These Roots by Your Heart Breaks

Digital download-only

5. You’ll Never Know by Madeline
6. Post To Wire by Richmond Fontaine performed by Madeline and Karl Blau

Released by Orange Twin Records.

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