SOLID HOME LIFE "Solid Home Life" cassette tape

Curly Cassettes


"Solid Home Life is like the old lace that people used to make before there were machines, have you ever seen that stuff? It is a delicately woven together document of love, loss, and the mundane wrapped gently in a fiery and transcendent joy. Each track communicates personal messages from co-writers Lindsay Schief (LAKE) and Greg Olin (Graves). They are singing to each other, to others and luckily, to us. It feels as it may fall apart because it so fine, any misstep and the fabric would crumble. Nothing falls apart, and un-ironic charm moves each thread through the hoop. From the traditional folk structures to calypso rhythms, every track on Solid Home Life weaves a pattern that hooks the ear."

Cassette tape edition, released by Curly Cassettes.

(Full disclosure: the song from the video above is not on the album. It's a music video for a track that didn't make the final cut for the album. Isn't it a great song though!)