YELLOW DRESS "Faint Music // Ordinary Light" vinyl LP

Self Released


Large ensemble indie pop band from San Francisco. 8 song 12" record with art by Erin Tanner. 

Self released by the band. 

Some copies are clear and some are mixed color vinyl, who knows what you'll get! 

On Faint Music // Ordinary Light The Yellow Dress is: 

Dan Weiss: vocals, guitar 
Jonathan Kirk Moyer: bass 
Jasmine Moser: glockenspiel, vocals 
Dan Nordheim: guitar 
Zoe Rose Palladino: vocals 
Mark Roquet: drums 
Morgan Womble-Dahl: clarinet 
Rachel Shearer: saxophone 

Additional group vocals by: Daniela Ricci, Neil Campau, Rob Little, Rachel Shearer, Dan Nordheim, Tiffany Parker, May Oskan, Jonathan Axtell, and Dr Emmett Brown