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Badlands, or better known as the individual Adrian Chi Tenney, the strong, female voice and musician behind such acts as Spokenest, God Equals Genocide, Pangea (Never Not Know Nothing EP and before), Panacea String Band, Hotel la Rut, Dismicrowave, etc. etc., you get the point; she can hold her own with most any instrument as well as with performing in a variety of styles. But what happens when she’s able to shed the bullshit of band dynamics and focus on music that’s completely hers?

With So Little you get nine tracks of Tenney at her most experimental. A hand-me-down laptop doubling as a portable studio for her to spend down time at work recording tracks of guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, as well as various Gamelan instruments. And on top of it all creating choirs of her own voice, propelling the songs into the total audio zero-gravity limits of the Southern California desert. So Little is a step towards our musical possibilities, for both the artist and the listener.

Split release with Bite The Cactus and Ghostbot
1st press of 100 CDs.

A1. Out in the Desert
A2. Wash
A3. Waste
A4. You Would Wait (pt. I)
A5. Bali
B1. Wind Storm
B2. Something Needs To Happen
B3. So Little
B4. You Would Wait (pt. II)