sale UP SET "Making a Connection with the Ground" CDR

UP SET "Making a Connection with the Ground" CDR

Workaholics on Holiday

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Released by Workaholics on Holiday

Workaholics on Holiday says: "The first american (well, the first non-danish) band to grace the w-o-h! catalog is the Up Set - usually a solo outfit for K.B. Blankson, but here, he's accompanied by a backing band. Compared to previous stellar lo-fi/twee releases from K.B., this pro-printed cd-r is a pleasantly surprising upgrade - to charming, amped up indie pop/rock. Let's make a connection with the dancefloor! (comes with a 1" button.)"

1. a melody for melanie
2. i'll be seeing you
3. my present absence
4. hurry up and wait
5. i'm not pulling your leg
6. couldn't lose our youth

NOTE: CDR limited to 100 copies.