Blanket Truth/Dana Jewell "Split" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-20)
Blanket Truth/Dana Jewell "Split" Cassette Tape
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A split release by two bands who previously covered the song "Back In Your Life" by Jonathan Richman. A co-release with Wild Animal Kingdom Records.


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The highly anticipated, much delayed split release between folk poppers Blanket Truth (fronted by Jon Manning who runs Lost Sound Tapes) and Dana Jewell (who runs Wild Animal Kingdom Records) is finally here! The songs were recorded in mid/late 2009 and are now getting released September 2010. Some of these tracks are now old favorites for live crowds but may be brand new for people outside of the pacific northwest.

Blanket Truth conjures thoughts of Daniel Johnston, Herman Dune, or The Mountain Goats while Dana Jewell could be described as a lighter-hearted version of Simon Joyner or less-baritone Calvin Johnson. Both groups find much inspiration in Jonathan Richman and have previously covered the song "Back In Your Life".

There was a soft release of the cassette in December of 2009 for a Blanket Truth west coast tour with a cover designed by Dana Jewell. The new, proper release of the tape contains completely different artwork, borrowed from a 1967 issue of Readers Digest, clear blue tapes and black + white printed labels. Edition of 150 or so.