Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-13)
Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping" Cassette Tape
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Original Lost Sound Tapes version of "Indoor Camping" featuring extra lo-fi boombox versions of the songs that appear on the CD release.


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Three years in the making, Blanket Truth finally has a full length album! Released on cassette and compact disc, the music contained on the two formats are completely different recordings, with an exclusive track on each. The tape is a solo, boombox recording and the CD is a full band, digital 8-track recording by Tory Fiterre of Cartoon Monster. Exclusive artwork can be found on both formats, both designed by Stacey Hamilton ( All the best tracks from the inception of the band have been re-recorded and a bunch of brand new pop-infused baritone ukulele folk songs make up this 30 minute album. This is the 'good stuff'.

First pressing of 100 tapes, black and white printed covers, black tapes, and typewritten blue labels. Also comes with a mini, 4pt sized text, lyric booklet.