Blanket Truth/Matthew Czerwinski "Split" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-04)
Blanket Truth/Matthew Czerwinski "Split" Cassette Tape
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Matt's first batch of pop songs and some Blanket Truth demo songs that ended up on "Indoor Camping".


This is the cassette version of the Blanket Truth/Matthew Czerwinski split! It comes in a handmade, stamped, cut, and pasted cover on white tapes with stamped, blue, parchment labels. All the covers are unique, the images on the front came from a Japanese graphic novel I found at a coffee shop, pasted to construction paper (half green, half purple). 4 songs by Matthew Czerwinski , 3 songs by Blanket Truth, 22 minutes total.

Matthew and I both recorded our tracks on my Tascam 4-track. The Blanket Truth side took a lot longer to record because the original 4 songs intended for this release were completely scrapped. You might never hear those. It will be a mystery.

CD version was released by We Made These Records.