Going Stagg "Sink & Dream" Seven Inch Record

Going Stagg "Sink & Dream" Seven Inch Record
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Even if the whole genre of female-fronted indie pop can get old at times, there are still bands such as Going Stagg who have a nice fresh take of crystal clear vocals, uppity guitars, and an all around giddy feel of, well, pop. Sink and Dream is a four-song delight of happy-go-lucky charm that's just straight-forward and cheerful in that Gaze, Dear Nora way. Catchy and not too overly sappy, this could be great make out music if one wouldn't have to constantly get up and flip the record. Mike DaRonco, AllMusicGuide.com

Perfect 4-song 7" from 1999. Female fronted indie pop with soaring guitars, similar to Dear Nora, Rizzo, or That Dog. From the late, great Kittridge Records. High recommendation.

Released by Kittridge Records