Osito "Lullaby Oxen" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-79)
Osito "Lullaby Oxen" Cassette Tape
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A lost album from 2010 finally gets its due with a release on Lost Sound Tapes in beautifully hand made packaging.

Osito is Ross Kirshenbaum. Ross is someone that I met many years ago while playing and attending house shows in Seattle around 2006. His, now-defunct, band was called Beestings and we played together in places like Camp Nowhere, which was the epicenter of excitement, fun, and friendship at the time. Beestings released an EP and a full length LP before breaking up. 

After Beestings, Ross started a solo project called Osito and I saw him play in 2009 or 2010 at Bluebird Ice Cream amongst other places. I lived at Healthy Times Fun Club, a basement warehouse show space on Capitol Hill, just down the street from Bluebird. His solo acoustic music had the same impact and emotion that drew me into Beestings but with a slightly toned down manner. 

You might compare Osito to The Microphones or Bill Callahan but it really has it's own nature to it. Distinctly Pacific Northwest.

Edition of 75 clear green cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and letter pressed packaging.


All songs by osito all songs recorded on cassette 4-track at home, except #12 recorded by Dylan Wall at the Old Fire House and at the Fox Hole. Drums on #3 and #4 recorded at Dancylvania. 
Thank you: 
Carrie Schaff- vocals on #3 and #9 
Skyler Houson- electric guitars on #3 
Eli Damm- percussion help on #6 
Josh Thomas- trumpet on #6 and  #11 
Isabelle Boittin-violin on #11 
Dan Carson and Greg Flores- O’s on #11 
Claudia Navas and Lauren Waudé- claps on #11 
Dylan Wall- Bass on #12 
Mixed and mastered by Dylan Wall @ the Fox Hole 
Artwork by Osito 
Layout by Dan Carson