Panda Beach "Last Days Ashore EP" Cassette Tape/CDR

Panda Beach "Last Days Ashore EP" Cassette Tape/CDR
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Wil-Ru Records says: "This EP is the first official release by Ebi Nasution also known as Panda Beach. Ebi recorded these songs on a cell phone at her home in Jakarta Indonesia between May and August of 2009. Beautiful mellow and atmospheric folk music reminiscent of Sybille Baier, Vashti Bunyan and Kazu Makino. Track one "Boom" was fleshed out by Chariots of Night with mellotron sounds, bells and drum samples making it more of a pop track than the rest of the EP is available as a CD-R and Cassette Tape, and comes with a 320 kbps mp3 download."

Tracks: 1. Boom 2. River 3. Deeper 4. Dying Snail Sings 5. Gravity 6. Build An Ocean 7. I Will Not Pray