Parasol "Not There" Cassette Tape / LP

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Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-56)
Parasol "Not There" Cassette Tape / LP
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First full length from the Boston punk rock/anarcho pop band. Critical thinking and guitar shred for toe tapping. Unique, expressive, and impassioned.


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Inspiring punk rock/anarcho pop from the east side, Boston, MA. 3-piece critical buzzsaw with hooks galore. Sounds dangerous. It IS dangerous. Lily's guitar leads inspire me to wanna shred. This is disarming music that might make you realize you've been trying to tear down the system all along by bolstering your community and lending a hand to your neighbors. This is their first full length album and we're unbelieveably excited to share it with the world! LP out now, co-release from Square Of Opposition, Nervous Nelly, and Lauren Records. We have 5 copies of the LP for sale. 

Edition of 100 clear green cassette tapes with hand stamped labels. Cassette tape comes with digital download code and specially formatted-for-cassette artwork.