Pick Your 5 Fun Pak

Pick Your 5 Fun Pak
Price: $20.00
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Pick 5 tapes for the price of 4!

Any currently available cassette tapes released by Lost Sound Tapes.

All tapes listed come with a digital download card unless it has an asterisk (*) next to it.

(This list may not be up to date, so please check here for availability).


Tim The Mute "Take My Life... Please!" cassette tape

Diners "Three" cassette tape

So Cow "Lisa Marie Airplane Tour" cassette tape

iji "Bubble" cassette tape

Parasol "Affliction" cassette tape

SOAR "Wilt" cassette tape

Sparkle Water / Family Video "Split" cassette tape

Cave Babies "Situational Anxiety" cassette tape

Osito "Lullaby Oxen" cassette tape

Your Heart Breaks "Greatest Hits" cassette tape

Love In Mind "Self Titled" cassette tape

Knife Pleats "Hat Bark Beach" cassette tape

iji "Whatever Will Happen" cassette tape

Your Heart Breaks "America" cassette tape

Werewolves "What Kind of Pet Defines You?" cassette tape

Lê Almeida "Paraleloplasmos" cassette tape

OK Vancouver OK "Influences" cassette tape

Your Heart Breaks "New Ocean Waves / Sailor System" cassette tape

Diners "Always Room" cassette tape

Craig Salt Peters "Songs for Hungry Ghosts" cassette tape

The Skywriters "Skywriter Blue 1998-2000" cassette tape

Watercolor Paintings "When You Move" cassette tape

Dogbreth "Sentimental Health" cassette tape

Shawn Mrazek Lives! "Thought He Was Dead" cassette tape

Neighbors "I Love Neighbors / John In Babeland" cassette tape

OK Vancouver OK "Food Shelter Water" cassette tape

Nod And The Hob Goblins "Nod And The Hob Goblins" cassette tape

Ashley Eriksson "Colours" cassette tape *

Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping" cassette tape

The Balloons "Georgette / Pop Music" cassette tape

Midtown Dickens "Home" cassette tape

Stephen Steinbrink "Yellow Canary Jumpsuit" cassette tape