Skywriters, The "Skywriter Blue 1998-2000" Cassette Tape / Compact Disc

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Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-59)
Skywriters, The "Skywriter Blue 1998-2000" Cassette Tape / Compact Disc


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The Skywriters were an indie pop band from Philadelphia that spanned from 1998-2000. Were releasing a retrospective cassette tape and Jigsaw Records is handling the CD edition. Big shout out to The Skywriters for wanting to make a tape and Jigsaw for asking us to get involved with this release. This is music that makes you feel real good. All smiles, no frowns here.

The material is sourced from a self released 7 song cassette tape, a 5 song CDEP, a 4 song Japanese 7 record, and a handful of compilation tracks. Members went on to play in The Snow Fairies, Scary Monster, Rabbit In Red, The Escargo-gos and Plow United; to name a few.

For more information, The Skywriters still have a pretty amazing Angel Fire time-capsule-of-a-website. Its in your best interest to check it out:

Limited Cassette Edition of 50 copies. Comes with a digital download card.

CD edition and digital sales availble from Jigsaw Records.

Jigsaw Records writes:

"Though they were only around for a couple years at the tail end of the '90s, the Skywriters left a nice little dent on the Philly indiepop scene. They released a cd on the Brentwood Estates label and a 7" on Galaxy Train Records of Japan, and also appeared on a handful of comps on Popgun, Shelflife and Blackbean. This disc collects all of those songs, and adds a bonus live track that was never properly recorded, as well! The Skywriters were twee-pop at its best: boy/girl vocals, jangly guitars and endearing songs about love and loss. After their demise, most of the members went on to form the Snow Fairies, but that's another chapter in the history of Philly pop..."

Here's a great article on The Skywriters from 1999, still available online.