Stars Are Insane "Partial History" CDR

Stars Are Insane "Partial History" CDR
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Rok Lok Records says: "Since 1998 I (Mike Andriani) have been recording material via 4 track under the name Stars Are Insane creating sounds that fit into the shoegaze, lo fi bedroom pop, ambient, and folk genres. The first four albums 'Gracias', 'Anonymously Yours', 'Justin Age 8' and 'Gay' were all released on home dubbed cassettes on Rok Lok from 1999 to 2001 and are all long gone. In fact I donít even have copies for myself any longer! I have continued to release stuff over the years and with the exception of 'A Plan... A Perfect Disaster' all of them are out of print and that kind of bums me out because Iíd always like to share these old recordings in some manner. So with 'Partial History' on one disc I have picked some of my personal favorites from the Stars Are Insane discography to create a single disc 'best of' or selected works if you prefer. There are 19 tracks and this cd-r is packaged in a full color glue sleeve with a insert and a hand stamped cd-r. This is a limited pressing of 30 copies and each sleeve is numbered."