The Endless Bummer "Donald Fagen Mix Tape" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-15)
The Endless Bummer "Donald Fagen Mix Tape" Cassette Tape
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David Barclay of the Diskettes' keyboard pop band. Follow up to the album "No Beach Out Of Reach".


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Remember the perfect pop of the Canadian group, The Diskettes? Well, David Barclay is back with a new group of friends and swapped his acoustic guitar for a keyboard. Add two parts tropical percussion and you've got a delicious pop stew goin'. 'Donald Fagen Mix Tape' is a follow-up to the appropriately titled 'No Beach Out of Reach' album by The Endless Bummer. Side A of the DFMT contains 4 brand new tracks and 5 hits from 'No Beach...'. Barclay writes incredibly witty & endearing lyrics and these harmonies are sweet enough to make even Brian Wilson proud. Side B contains underwater field recordings - recorded and compiled by David Barclay, himself.

First pressing of 100, solid blue tapes, with hand stamped labels, and full color collage-style covers. Engelbert Humperdinck's face makes a nice appearance.