Tyson Ballew "Summer Of Dodos" Cassette Tape

Tyson Ballew "Summer Of Dodos" Cassette Tape
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There's something a little bit Billy Joe Armstrong about Tyson Ballew's vocals—the way he sings about crushes made me recently unearth Green Day’s 1,039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours just to hear 'The One I Want.' That said, the local troubadour injects his own dramatic notions of love into his newest album, and darkens them with an end-of-the-world earnestness.

In fact, Ballew might be the perfect acoustic guitarist to hang out with during the apocalypse, mostly because his angst is cradled in starry-eyed acceptance for whatever excitement—good or bad—happens next. - Missoula Independent

Released by Tummy Rock Records