Watercolor Paintings "These Arms" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-30)
Watercolor Paintings "These Arms" Cassette Tape
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A proper edition of the winter 2010 tour cassette self released by Watercolor Paintings.


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A (kinda!) brand new tape from Watercolor Paintings. This is a re-release of the cassette that was made for the Watercolor Paintings winter 2010 west coast tour. Previously released in an edition of ~14, Lost Sound Tapes has done some light remastering of the tracks and made an edition of 200. The two main musicians on these recordings are Rebecca Redman and Mallory Watje (Girl Band, Backpack, Remembran). Heartbreaking lyrics and life affirming vocal harmonies ensue, of course. I won't call it a full length, it's more of a collection of songs that fit together reeeeally beautifully. There's folk songs, ukulele rock jams, acapella sing alongs, cover songs and tape collage. I could not be more proud to be the person releasing this album to the public.

Comes with digital download code! White tapes with typewritten sticker labels. MP3's available at Bandcamp.com.