iji "Sorry Seashells" Cassette Tape

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-03)
iji "Sorry Seashells" Cassette Tape
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The first iji release of many on Lost Sound Tapes. "Sorry About the Lo-Fi" on side a and Zach Burba's old band Seashells on side b.


This is a re-release of sorts. Side A is the album "Sorry About the Lo-Fi" which was originally self-released by iji as a CDR on Glamour Trip Records (contains covers of The Magnetic Fields, B&S, Beat Happening, and TV Personalities - as well as awesome originals). Side B contains the "best of" Zach's old band Seashells.

Second pressing packaging has the same cover, but this time the tapes are white with black and white printed labels, and the ink on the cover is silver for better visibility. For fans of Saturday Looks Good To Me, Dear Nora, and Fishboy.