sale DANIEL FRANCIS DOYLE "History of Consideration" cassette tape

DANIEL FRANCIS DOYLE "History of Consideration" cassette tape

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Daniel Francis Doyle has been making guitar noise, drumming, and singing for over ten years as both a solo artist, and in groups both departed (Early Lines) and active (When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth). His birth-name moniker solo project is certainly the fiercest endeavor of his activities. Daniel accompanies his own live recorded guitar loops with powerfully tumbling drum beats while screaming and hollering through a headset that clings on for dear life. With so many "one-man bands" vying for your scant DIY dollars of late, it's hard to find one that actually pursues the idea beyond the realm of novelty. It isn't enough to just setup and knock out a set of bass drum and guitar tunes anymore. Doyle's intense live sets feature almost embarrassingly candid lyrical content combined with a voluminous guitar-scratch and feedback attack that pushes the solo concept into a loud and uncomfortable place, often leaving crowds confused and excited.

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Run Time: 12 Minutes"

Released by Slanty Shanty Tape Club.