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Lost Sound Tapes

CAVE BABIES "Emotional Intimacy" cassette tape

CAVE BABIES "Emotional Intimacy" cassette tape

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Release date 1/08, 2020. 

Fourth album by Josh Hoshwa Redman from Watercolor Paintings solo project, Cave Babies. 19 quick, vulnerable bursts of pop honesty. Known for his long running radio show 5432FUN!!, Josh is one of my favorite songwriters. 

Sad yet hopeful song themes include: anxiety, friendship, relationship, sexuality, transition, placelessness, therapy, etc.

Additional vocals on “are you watching me” by carolyn, justin, spencer, and uli.

"Songs span 3.5 years, recorded in half a day in my underwear"
Edition of 100 peach colored cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and full color artwork. Comes with a Bandcamp download.

"i have this vague desire for intimacy but mostly i feel confused about it. i've always been a good listener and then i found the internet and, well, you can share whatever you want on the internet, and maybe your friends will see it and someone might respond. it feels like less pressure on the people you're sharing with, and on you, and just seems safer. or, you can write songs, like i've tried writing songs, where you share about feelings or experiences you've had and maybe someone out there will relate to it. maybe they'll even send you a note, thanking you for helping them put something into words. or for validating thoughts that they've also been thinking about. i know that i'm always looking for songs and words that speak to me. and that's all good. it's great. but it can create this false sense of intimacy too. there's no real trust. this relationship isn't really grounded in anything real. at least not yet. so what is it? it's convenient. it's fast food big box online shopping intimacy. but i think there's still a value in this. in sharing thoughts and writing words and songs, in drawing comics and everything else... because they can lead to actual relationships with people. opportunities to build trust overtime, to learn boundaries, to share deeply and listen even deeper. to just move slowly and be mindful and learn from mistakes and to teach and to have fun and to live like you feel connected to actual other real life people. to feel supported. and protected. and challenged. and loved. and i know that i've had this before. i'm not sure if i have it right now but i think i will again.

and so, for now, here are some songs, thank you."
- Josh Redman, Cave Babies
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