LST-00 Blanket Truth "Demo" tape

LST-01 Blanket Truth / Tricera "Split" tape

LST-02 Various Artists "Ukulele & So Can I" tape

LST-03 iji "Sorry Seashells" tape

LST-04 Blanket Truth / Matthew Czerwinski "Split" tape

LST-05 Bear Hugs "Acoustic Demos" tape

LST-06 Red Pony Clock "Live in T.O." tape

LST-07 Various Artists "Seasonal Splits" 4 tape boxset

LST-08 Super Famicom "The Wandering Floret Pt. 1" tape

LST-09 Watercolor Paintings / Clitorectomy & the Mutilators "With Love" tape

LST-10 Your Heart Breaks "Love is a Long Dark Road" tape

LST-11 iji "Soup / Salad" tape

LST-12  James Rabbit "Continental / Cavalier" tape

LST-13 Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping (Acoustic)" tape

LST-14 Faux Jerome "Faux Jerome" tape

LST-15 The Endless Bummer "Donald Fagen Mix Tape" tape

LST-16 Cave Babies "Green" tape

LST-17 Madeline "White Flag" tape

LST-18 Watercolor Paintings / iji "Split" seven inch record

LST-19 Math The Band "Don't Worry" tape

LST-20 Blanket Truth / Dana Jewell "Split" tape

LST-21 Various Artists "Ukulele, Mekulele, Wekulele" tape

LST-22 Andrew Mello / Weakness "What I Say Isn't What I Mean / Weakness" tape

LST-23 Pangea "Jelly Jam" tape

LST-24 Antarctica Takes It! "Constellations" tape

LST-25 Sundance Kids "Tell the Truth" tape

LST-26 World History "You Can't Stop Trying" tape

LST-27 Dude Japan "Simple Living" tape

LST-28 Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping" CD

LST-29 The Microphones / Golden Boots / Bishop Allen / Paleo "Collaborate with a 1940's Wire Recorder" seven inch record

LST-30 Watercolor Paintings "These Arms" tape

LST-SUB Charlie Mcalister "Lost Sound Tapes Subscription Series" seven inch record

LST-SUB Sandy City "Lost Sound Tapes Subscription Series" seven inch record

LST-SUB Math (The Band) "Lost Sound Tapes Subscription Series" seven inch record

LST-SUB Tyson Ballew "Lost Sound Tapes Subscription Series" seven inch record

LST-SUB Weakness "Lost Sound Tapes Subscription Series" seven inch record

LST-SUB Stephen Steinbrink "Lost Sound Tapes Subscription Series" seven inch record

LST-31 Justin Clifford Rhody / Sam Gas Can "No, Probably Not / Born Punk" seven inch record

LST-32 Winnie Byrd / Glass Cake "Split" tape

LST-33 Solid Home Life "Solid Home Life" LP

LST-34 Neighbors "John in Babeland" tape

LST-35 Madeline "Black Velvet" tape

LST-36 Stephen Steinbrink "Yellow Canary Jumpsuit" tape

LST-37 Your Heart Breaks "Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes" tape

LST-38 Midtown Dickens "Home" tape

LST-39 The Balloons "Georgette / Pop Music" tape

LST-40 Margy Pepper "Golden Webs" tape

LST-41 Blanket Truth "Up Til Now" compilation tape

LST-42 Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping" deluxe tape reissue

LST-43 Blanket Truth "Urban Wildlife" tape / CD

LST-44 Rose Melberg "September" tape

LST-45 Imaginary Pants "Imaginary Pants" tape

LST-46 Ashley Eriksson "Colours" tape

LST-47 Nod And The Hob Goblins "Nod And The Hob Goblins" tape

LST-48 iji "Soft Approach" LP

LST-49 Lé Almeida "Pre Ambulatorio" tape

LST-50 (maybe one day, doesn't exist at the moment)

LST-51 Katie And The Lichen "Yours Truly" tape

LST-52 OK Vancouver OK "Food Shelter Water" tape

LST-53 Neighbors "I Love Neighbors / John In Babeland" tape

LST-54 iji "Cool Dream b/w In Celebration & Watercolor Paintings split" reissue tape

LST-55 Shawn Mrazek Lives "Thought He Was Dead" tape

LST-56 Dogbreth "Sentimental Health" tape

LST-57 Watercolor Paintings "When You Move" tape

LST-58 Parasol "Not There" tape

LST-59 The Skywriters "Skywriter Blue 98-00" tape

LST-60 Cave Babies "Accomplish Nothing" tape

LST-61 Nar "History" tape

LST-62 Craig Salt Peters "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" tape

LST-63 Your Heart Breaks "New Ocean Waves / Sailor System" tape

LST-64 Diners "Always Room" tape

LST-65 Imaginary Pants "Kites At Night" tape

LST-66 COOL "Paint" tape

LST-67 Love Cuts / Burnt Palms split tape

LST-68 OK Vancouver OK "Influences" tape

LST-69 Squilll "Daughters of the Earth" tape

LST-70 Lé Almeida "Paraleloplasmos" tape

LST-71 Tim The Mute "Why Live?" tape

LST-72 Mandarin Dynasty "Feedback Time" tape

LST-73 Werewolves "What Kind of Pet Defines You?" tape

LST-74 Your Heart Breaks "America" tape

LST-75 Seapony "A Vision" tape

LST-76 Love In Mind "Love In Mind" tape

LST-77 Knife Pleats "Hat Bark Beach" tape / LP

LST-78 iji "Whatever Will Happen" tape

LST-79 Osito "Lullaby Oxen" tape

LST-80 Cave Babies "Situational Anxiety" tape

LST-81 Your Heart Breaks "Greatest Hits" tape

LST-82 Sparkle Water / Family Video "Split" tape

LST-83 Parasol "Affliction" tape

LST-84 So Cow "Lisa Marie Airplane Tour" tape

LST-85 SOAR "Wilt" tape

LST-86 iji "Bubble" tape

LST-87 Diners "Three" tape

LST-88 Tim The Mute "Take My Life... Please!" tape

LST-89 Neutral Shirt "2016" tape

LST-90 Tyler Martin "Cioppino" 4 x cassette, 100 song album

LST-91 Shrouded Amps "Come Along To The Chocolate Church" tape

LST-92 Hoop "Super Genuine" tape

LST-93 Squill "Bury It" tape

LST-94 Family Video "Long Time Listener, First Time Caller" tape

LST-95 Badlands "Slow Growth" tape

LST-96 Various Artists "This Reminds Me: Songs By Linda Smith Reimagined" tape

LST-97 Richard Album "Another Album" tape

LST-98 Temporary Eyesore "Temporary Eyesore" tape

LST-99 Tim The Mute "Do In Yourself" tape

LST-100 (Coming Soon)

LST-101 Kim Gray "Compulsion" tape

LST-102 Space Daze "Too Mystical" tape

LST-103 Orua "Sem Bencao / Sem Crenca" tape

LST-104 Flying Fish Cove "At Moonset" tape

LST-105 Flying Fish Cove "En Garde" EP tape

LST-106 Tim The Mute "Welcome To The Sad Cafe" tape Aug 31st, 2019

LST-107 Lisa Prank "Perfect Love Song" tape Oct 4, 2019

LST-108 Cave Babies "Emotional Intimacy" tape Jan 8th, 2020

LST-109 Olivia's World "Olivia's World EP" tape Oct 25th, 2019

LST-110 Family Video "Forever Changes Overnight" tape Nov 15th, 2019

LST-111 Sleuth "Gold" tape May 29th, 2020

LST-112 Non La "Not In Love" tape Feb 15th, 2020

LST-113 Neutral Shirt "Daisyworld" tape Jul 24th, 2020

LST-114 Boosegumps "5 Demos" tape Jul 31st, 2020

LST-115 Lunchbox "After School Special" tape Oct 30th, 2020

LST-116 SOAR "Soft Dial Tone" tape May 7th, 2021

LST-117 The Very Most "Needs Help" tape Oct 9th, 2020

LST-118 Olivia's World "Tuff 2B Tender" tape Apr, 23, 2021

LST-119 Squill "Moon Sessions" tape Apr 30, 2021

LST-120 Pains of Being Pure At Heart "Self Titled" tape Aug 27, 2021

LST-121 The Natvral "Tethers" tape Sept 3, 2021

LST-122 22° Halo "Garden Bed" tape Oct 29, 2021

LST-123 Fuss "We're Not Alone" cassette tape Jan 14, 2022

LST-124 Levoneh "Ground" cassette tape Mar 18, 2022

LST-125 Craig Salt Peters "Stuck in the Present Tense" cassette tape Nov 4, 2022

LST-126 The Ashenden Papers "Night Walk" cassette tape May 5, 2023

LST-127 Neutral Shirt "Egg Tape" cassette tape Apr 12, 2024

LST-128 zowy "beware magical thinking" cassette tape Jan 12, 2024

LST-129 Adult Human Females "Demo" cassette tape + zine Apr 26, 2024

LST-131 The Softies "The Bed I Made" cassette tape Aug 23, 2024