LOVE IN MIND "Love In Mind" cassette tape

Lost Sound Tapes

Catalog No: LST-76


Love In Mind was a beautiful band that burned hot and fast in Seattle and was gone after one year. They were comprised of Jacob Jaffe, Gordon Baker, Matt Bachmann, and Nathan Anderson; members of some of the most active Seattle bands: iji, Megabog, Neighbors, Sick Sad World and many more.
The band broke up because Matt moved to NYC and now, two years after their separation, they have completed the recordings of the band's 12 songs. Call it a full length, sure, you could also call it a retrospective, a time capsule, a snapshot of a moment in time. Love In Mind play catchy indie rock songs with a Weezer-like sense of melody and intertwined guitar lines, the bass lines are very thoughtful and the drumming adept. 
Jacob was Love In Mind's primary songwriter and is now pouring his time and effort into Dozer (7 song tape out now) and Gordon plays in Sick Sad World whom just released their first LP to critical acclaim. Jaffe is an extremely special talent when it comes to songwriting, guitar playing, and personality. Seattle is very lucky to have him. 
Edition of 100 cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and cover art by Zach Burba.