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Lost Sound Tapes

BOOSEGUMPS "5 Demos" cassette tape

BOOSEGUMPS "5 Demos" cassette tape

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Release date July 31, 2020

Heeyoon Won started Boosegumps in their dorm room in 2012 and started recording and releasing music on Bandcamp. Soon, they started playing shows and met some really great people including Katie and Fran from Free Cake for Every Creature. In May 2016, Heeyoon officially joined Free Cake as their bassist, then in the summer went on a full US tour as Boosegumps.

Since then, Boosegumps has done many tours with Free Cake, have joined and left other bands, recorded and released a few EP’s and done small tours. Now Heeyoon plays shows here and there in Philly (when they're allowed again by the public health authority) and creates music when there's time.

These 5 songs are considered demos but Heeyoon's beautiful and delicate songwriting shines through like a beacon of hope and light. "Perfect Autumn Day" is a sure standout and could possibly be mistaken for a lost track by The Softies. A meandering, melodic lead guitar line floats atop of the rhythmic guitar strums while two layered, harmonizing vocal tracks beautifully detail, well, a perfect autumn day. Each song is a cozy portait of an intimate scene, vivid and comforting in a time when we need tenderness and connection more than ever.

All songs written and recorded by Heeyoon Won.

Edition of 100 on calming beige cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and full color artwork. Comes with a Bandcamp download. 

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