Mandarin Dynasty "Feedback Time" Cassette Tape

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Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-72)
Mandarin Dynasty "Feedback Time" Cassette Tape
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Clever, well made pop music, produced with Zach Burba of iji.


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New Mandarin Dynasty album out now!
Official release date September 22nd, 2015. 

This is the third album, and first on Lost Sound Tapes, by Mandarin Dynasty, a long time musical project of Mike Sherk based in Portland by-way-of San Diego. It was recorded by Zach Burba of iji in the spring of 2012 at the beloved home and music venue the Funny Button. 3 years later, it's now ready for release. You can feel Burba's presence throughout the course of the album, between his production and performances across the album's 9 songs. 

"Feedback Time" explores the intersection between (mis)communication and detached daydreaming of distorted Marshall stacks. It can also be interpreted as a feedback loop between Burba & Sherk and the influence they've shared with each other during the course of the last 5+ years. The two have toured together, shared ideas, and recorded together in numerous states across the US. 

Cassette tape made in a first edition of 100 copies. Black cassette shells and hand stamped white labels with green ink. 

LP available from Keeled Scales.