Shawn Mrazek Lives! "Thought He Was Dead" Cassette Tape

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Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-55)
Shawn Mrazek Lives! "Thought He Was Dead" Cassette Tape
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Debut album from Shawn Mrazek Lives!, "Thought He Was Dead", is now on cassette tape following an extremely limited self-released LP edition. Shawn has played in a lot of Canadian indie rock bands, including being the current drummer in Nardwuar's band The Evaporators, but this is his first time taking the lead and writing the songs. This is radically positive rock and roll music from some of the greatest musicians and people in Vancouver, BC. The general theme of the mini-album is that thereís shit you canít control in this world, so letís hold our friends close and stay positive. Shawn Mrazek says ďif you feel like crap, this record is for you!!Ē

Edition of 100 white cassette tapes with hand stamped, natural, kraft paper labels. Comes with digital download code.

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