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ADULT HUMAN FEMALES "Demo" cassette tape & zine

ADULT HUMAN FEMALES "Demo" cassette tape & zine

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LST-129 ADULT HUMAN FEMALES "Demo" Cassette Tape & Zine

Release date: April 26th, 2024

2 song demo cassingle and accompanying zine! 

Edition of 100 cassette tapes with full color sticker on o-card.
Comes with a Bandcamp download.

Part adult. Part human. ✨All Female✨

Your new fav group of girlies are on the scene-and here to cause one 🎀🤘🏼🎀

Adult Human Females are a 4 piece punk band from New York City. Our name is derived from the dictionary definition of woman that TERFs love to use as a way to exclude trans women from womanhood. Songs with a political edge that don’t forget to have fun.

Amy - Guitar
Xtine - Vocals
Esther - Bass
Mia - Drums

Recorded by Jed & Laurent - CAPS LOCK Recordings

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