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BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA / KRISTIN MESS "Split" seven inch record

BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA / KRISTIN MESS "Split" seven inch record

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Released by 555 Recordings.

Birds Of California is the anticipated new band from Tim and Donna, formerly of the much loved Lunchbox. Wonderfully crafted psych-mod melodic swirl pop - 3 exclusive tracks. Canadian newcomer Kristin Mess's debut serves up 4 heartfelt and stripped down pop songs reminiscent of The Marine Girls or Beat Happening. Gorgeous singing full of false starts and broken hearts.

Birds Of California - Grow Your Hair
Birds Of California - Paul Is Dead
Birds Of California - Brief Addendum
Mess, Kristin - Green+Purple
Mess, Kristin - Take Me Out To The Sea
Mess, Kristin - Eleanor
Mess, Kristin - Icing Honey Tea

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