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CAVE BABIES "Accomplish Nothing" cassette tape

CAVE BABIES "Accomplish Nothing" cassette tape

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Cave Babies is back with a new album "Accomplish Nothing". It is the 20 minute follow up album to the smash hit, single color themed album "Green". Cave Babies recordings have always been a solo affair, despite the fact Josh "Hoshwa" Redman was recently formed a live band. Perhaps the next release will have a full band and be titled "Accomplish SOMETHING". Only time will tell. 

These songs were recorded by Josh onto a single track of a cassette tape in his bedroom. The songs are fully realized musically and lyrically yet have the feeling of lofi, bedroom recording sketches. Josh set a goal to record an album before the end of 2013 and he succeeded by recording these 12 songs over the course of a couple hours on the final week of the year. The songs were then mastered by me (Jon Manning at Lost Sound Tapes) and sent to production. If you purchased the digital album from the Cave Babies Bandcamp page, you have the unmastered version.

Josh Redman also performs in Rebecca Redman's, his sister, band Watercolor Paintings. Both bands write song about deep personal reflection and interpersonal relationships. They clearly come from the same origins. Rebecca will occasionally backup Josh in Cave Babies as he does for her in Watercolor Paintings.

Josh also runs a pop(ular) radio show on KCSB in Santa Barbara, California called 5432Funthat frequently hosts live bands on air. He champions little known bands and is a lover of all kinds of pop music, whatever that may mean to him. Search the radio show name as a tag on Last.FM and you'll be shocked at how much great music you'll be able to discover. He's probably played your band on his show or hosted a show for your band at the radio station, Biko Garage, or the late Pink Mailbox house.

This cassette edition is limited to 100 copies, clear red cassette tapes with white, handstamped labels and download card. Cover photograph by his sister Rebecca Redman (Watercolor Paintings), taken soon after Josh had lung surgery and had to shave his 8 year old beard. These songs sound a little like that.

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