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CRABAPPLES "Crabapples For Change" seven inch record

CRABAPPLES "Crabapples For Change" seven inch record

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Inspired equally by '78-'79 punk (Buzzcocks, Swell Maps) and '80s and '90s pop (This Poison!, Television Personalities, Boyracer, Sportique), The Crabapples were a tough little Bay Area four-piece that exploded briefly on the scene a few years back. Loud but melodic, their specialty was short, catchy tunes played with sloppy abandon. Live shows clocked in at around 15 minutes and this 4-song EP is an ideal keepsake of The Crabapples effervescent charms. From the mod-ish pogo of "Quality (Not Quantity)" to the angular "The Earnest Young Man Song" to the full-on near-hardcore of "Crabapples For Change," this great EP rushes along in a breathless blur, fuelled by lager, explosive tunes and a love of great pop. Featuring members of The Frenchmen and Black Tambourine. - Slumberland Records
  1. Quality (Not Quantity)
  2. Crabapples For Change
  3. London Belongs To Me, Pt. 2
  4. All The Earnest Young Men


4 quality songs on clear blue vinyl in a hand stamped brown paper sleeve.

Released by Slumberland Records

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