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Lost Sound Tapes

CRAIG SALT PETERS "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" cassette tape

CRAIG SALT PETERS "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" cassette tape

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This album has been 8 years in the making. The second release by Craig Salt Peters and the first since 2006’s self released "Whooping Crane Dance" CD. Over those 8 years, the band has evolved away from being a mostly solo musical project to recording this album as the well oiled 4-piece rock band they have become.

Craig has played countless shows in the northwest United States, after moving to Seattlefrom his native state of Michigan, as well as appearances at Plan-It-X Fest. In addition to his eponymous band, Craig has performed in the DIY pop bands Canine Sugar (along sideMatty Pop Chart and Paul Baribeau), Gal And Lad, and Blanket Truth.

The band's current formation is comprised of shredders Craig Peters, Zach Burba (iji,Megabog), Jacob Jaffe (Love In Mind, Younger Shoulder), and John Broback (Hana And The Goose). "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" will be released on cassette tape with digital download from Lost Sound Tapes and on CD by Jigsaw Records.

No Goddamn Dancing wrote a nice piece about the Craig Salt Peters band.

Most notably that "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" is "easily one of the most widely anticipated indie pop records to come out of Seattle this year". They also call Craig Salt Peters a "flawless live band".

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