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CRAIG SALT PETERS "Stuck in the Present Tense" cassette tape

CRAIG SALT PETERS "Stuck in the Present Tense" cassette tape

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LST-125 CRAIG SALT PETERS "Stuck in the Present Tense" cassette tape w/ Bandcamp Download 

Release date: November 4th, 2022

Stuck in the Present Tense is an album of songs written about eight years ago but only recently recorded. Craig joked that he wanted to record these songs by the time he turned forty. But then he turned forty, there was no album, the rest of the band had moved away. Miraculously, the band regrouped in Seattle in the winter of 2021 for just long enough to relearn the songs, play the Magic Lanes living room, and record. And while Craig, in the intervening years, had forgotten lyrics and guitar solos (long replaced in the brain by bossa nova fake books), Jacob's acumen for shredding soared (Two Tigers solo), John got arty (Kathmandu bass harmonics), and Zach triumphed the taps (Jubilee).

None of the songs are set in the present, and while hardly any of them are even relevant to the songwriter anymore, the underlying idea here is something persistent: nostalgia, heartbreak, big plans, daydreams, and reminiscences can simultaneously be refuges and blackholes. How does anyone have time to reflect on the past, make a five-year plan, and do the dishes over the course of a single day? These songs are kind of about running that existential gauntlet through a series of mundane experiences like rain, roses, pictures, and snow.

Edition of 100 white cassette tapes, with hand stamped labels, and full color j-card.  Artwork by Davi Jabari. Comes with a Bandcamp download code.

Craig Peters - Guitar
Jacob Jaffe - Guitar
Zach Burba - Drums & keys
John Broback - Bass

Engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nicholas Wilbur at the Unknown in Anacortes, WA, between December 2021 and April 2022.
Artwork by Davi Jaberi, El Sobrante, CA.
Tape by Jon Manning, Vancouver, BC.

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