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Lost Sound Tapes

DINERS "Always Room" cassette tape

DINERS "Always Room" cassette tape

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Diners, from Phoenix, Arizona, have created a vulnerable and beautiful album for daydreamers. "Always Room" is their debut full length album following their beloved "Throw Me A Ten" 7 song mini-album from 2012. Diners songwriter, Blue Broderick, has created a length album that is perfectly Arizonan, even if direct lyrical references are not present. "Always Room" channels the similarly sunny vibes and disarming honesty of former Phoenician contemporaries iji and French Quarter. Production-wise, the goal was to "make sure that every song had it's own mix and atmosphere, regardless of structure or instrumentation". This is achieve in a variety of ways throughout songs such as "Citrus", "Out Of The Blue", "My House / How Things Go", and "Overcasters" - all of which have distinct and separate moods. Diners "Always Room" will be released on cassette tape and LP in 2014. 

Released on cassette May 16th, 2014 by Lost Sound Tapes of Cascadia. Edition of 100 cassette tapes in soft polybox cases, comes with digital download. 

LP co-released July 3rd, 2014 by Diet Pop Records of Tucson, AZ and Phat'n'Phunky Records of San Jose, CA.

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