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DINERS "Three" cassette tape

DINERS "Three" cassette tape

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Blue Broderick has done it again! The third album from Diners, appropriately titled "Three", is a smash hit with 15 brand new tracks. It really shows that they've been honing their craft since the album "Always Room". Every track is a keeper from the 26 second opener "Waiting For Music", to the music video track "Fifteen On a Skateboard", to the mellow drifter "Laundromat Concern", and my personal favorite "Plastic Cactus"

You may recognize some of the contributors on the album including Tristan Jemsek (Dogbreth), Mike Sherk (Mandarin Dynasty), Cesar Ruiz, and Stephen Steinbrink. They all add texture, melody, and character in their own ways. Over the course of the album there are some classic pop songs, introspective slow jams, and wavy floating melodies. If you have enjoyed any of the previous Diners, iji, Mandarin Dynasty, or Stephen Steinbrink releases, this one is sure to please old fans and new. 

Third Edition of 150 solid red cassette tapes, with full color artwork, and comes with a digital download code. Cover art designed by Patrick Sexton. Also available on LP from Asian Man Records (

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