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Lost Sound Tapes

FAMILY VIDEO "Forever Changes Overnight" cassette tape

FAMILY VIDEO "Forever Changes Overnight" cassette tape

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Release date November 15, 2019

Family Video is the indie rock songwriting project of singer-songwriter J King, with band mates Jake Nicoll, Noah Bender, and Geordie Dynes from St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Their 6th album, Forever Changes Overnight is set to be released November 15th 2019. They are currently on the cassette-tape record label, Lost Sound Tapes (USA/CAN) and Coax Records.

Tender pop, indie rock.

Edition of 100 solid deep blue cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and full color, double sided artwork. Comes with a Bandcamp digital download.

Songs + lyrics by J. King -
vocals, guitar, synth + bass

Geordie Dynes - drums
Aaron Powell - piano 1, 4 / vocals 4
Mallory Watje - vocals 9 / guitar 5, 7
Jake Nicoll - synth 3, 6, 7
Noah Bender - guitar 6 / bass 3

Recorded + mixed in Atlanta, Montreal, + St. John's by J. King, Aaron Powell, + Jake Nicoll

Mastered by Aaron Powell

Dedicated to Karen Abbott

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