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Lost Sound Tapes

IMAGINARY PANTS "Kites At Night EP" cassette tape

IMAGINARY PANTS "Kites At Night EP" cassette tape

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New EP from Imaginary Pants! 5 song variety pack that spans almost exactly 11 minutes. Keeps you on your toes. For your convenience, program repeats on both sides. Rose Melberg and Jon Manning figure out the best way to make the most racket and prettiest melodies with only two people; no more, no less. Their strongest work to date following a self titled cassette tape EP on Lost Sound Tapes and a 2 song 7" single from Rok Lok Records.

Clear red cassette tapes with hand stamped labels, red ink on white. Second edition of 100 copies.

Free download on Bandcamp

“I’m really in love with their most recent EP, Kites at Night.  Perhaps it’s because there’s five new songs; you can’t ever complain when you get five songs with Rose Melberg involved. There’s a variety of songs too, with the one below opening the EP up with a warm bit of summery pop, but there’s also a couple of more upbeat tracks like “Creaking Gates” and “Bleak Outside.”  Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed with what you’re getting.” – Austin Town Hall

“This is good stuff, full of light and melody and hooks. “Creaking Gates” positively soars, Rose’s and Jon’s vocal harmonies carrying the tune forward.” – A Pessimist is Never Disappointed

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