LÊ ALMEIDA "Pré Ambulatório" cassette tape

Lost Sound Tapes

Catalog No: LST-49


Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Guided By Voices. These are bands that Lê Almeida takes inspiration from. His band name may be the same as his own name but this isn't a stripped down solo project. Lê Almeida, from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, creates catchy, buzzsaw indie rock jams, tempered with laid back vocals all in Portugese.

In addition to being the chief songwriter for this group, Lê Almeida also runs the fantastic and important Transfusão Noise Records. He seems to have his hand in all the great indie rock albums coming out of Brazil, whether as a musician, producer, or graphic designer. Since 2007 the band Lê Almeida has released three EPs, three singles, one LP and a split single with fellow Brazilian band Top Surprise.

Pré Ambulatório is a 9 song EP with 2 bonus tracks on the cassette tape version. Highly recommended!