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Lost Sound Tapes

LEVONEH "Ground" cassette tape

LEVONEH "Ground" cassette tape

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LST-124 LEVONEH "GROUND" Cassette Tape w/ Bandcamp Download
Release date: March 18th, 2022

Seattle musician and city bus driver, Levoneh, is releasing their album Ground on March 18 on Cruisin Records, in collaboration with Lost Sound Tapes. The psychedelic-folk band is the project of composer
and producer Ross Kirshenbaum. Fans of Jay Som and Mount Eerie will be drawn in by Kirshenbaum’s indie guitar tracks laid over live recordings in the wet forests of the PNW.

Ground marks a journey of transformation and reflection through the heartbreak of facing a smoldering world and an ongoing pandemic. The tracks are an extension of the political work Kirshenbaum engaged with where he witnessed first-hand the power of collective action to connect with others and shift systems of power. He hopes these songs can offer somatic political awareness, helping people transition from despair and apathy to realizing how deeply needed their contributions are in the struggle towards racial, economic, and climate justice. Drawing from musical influences deeply rooted in rain, vistas, and every shade of green imaginable, Ground seeks to honor the rituals of love, self-healing, and introspection that will ultimately build us a
new, liberatory future.

About Levoneh
Levoneh is a collaborative music project led by composer and producer, Ross Kirshenbaum, based in Seattle, WA on unseeded Duwamish territory. Kirshenbaum grew up in the PNW, deeply influenced by the coalescence of gritty, ethereal, and moody music that evolved there. Levoneh reflects the absorption and digestion of these dichotomies, combining elements of electro-acoustic, psychedelic pop soundscapes with deeply vulnerable protest folk songs.

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