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NAR "History" cassette tape

NAR "History" cassette tape

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Straight out of Sacramento, California are the pop punkers (alternately punk poppers) known as Nar! "History" is a compilation of nearly all of their recorded material spanning most of the 1990's. 43 tracks and nearly 80 minutes of music. Although Nar has not been an active band for over a decade, they will still play around Sacramento for rare occasions. 

Nar is a classic, catchy, northern California, 3-piece 90's punk band. They also happen to be one of the best. They were mostly comprised of Scott Miller, Edward Carroll, and Jason Dezember. Miller has been an integral part of the northern CA music scene for the past 20+ years. He has written songs and performed in English Singles (Slumberland Records),The Bananas (Recess Records), The Bright Ideas, Ski Instructors, and many others. Nar is very well loved by the people familiar with the band, yet still criminally under appreciated. 

Keen listeners will recognize their song "Blue Sky" as it was notably covered by Go Sailoron the B-Side of the "Long Distance" 7" on Slumberland Records. Some of the other songs, such as "Holiday Routine" and "Bullshit Central", seem familar, even on first listen, due to their great melodies and memorable lyrics.

This compilation album was spearheaded by Chris McFarlane and can be purchased as a CD on his label Jigsaw Records ( The cassette edition is limited to 100 copies, clear red cassette tapes with white, handstamped labels, and digital download card.

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