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Lost Sound Tapes

NEUTRAL SHIRT "2016" cassette tape

NEUTRAL SHIRT "2016" cassette tape

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An EP written in 2016, titled "2016", released in 2017. It seems appropriate somehow. Neutral Shirt is the perfect band for Lost Sound Tapes. Their EP sounds like the most pure distillation of some of Lost Sound Tapes nearest and dearest bands. It has the feel of beautiful, delicate pop of Diners, confessional heartbeat of Cave Babies, and soaring guitar rock of Dogbreth. In fact, main songwriter Matt Terrones is even a former member of Mandarin Dynasty and his initial direct interaction with Lost Sound Tapes was booking a show for Imaginary Pants and Your Heart Breaks

Neutral Shirt captures the mundanity of the world and loneliness of it all while inviting us to be a part of it and encouraging us not to give up; shades of Stephen Steinbrink. The dualities of friendship and isolation, technology and luddism all peek through these songs and give it a distinctly 2016 feel. Truly lovely songs for a historically awful year. 

Edition of 100 copies, translucent red cassette shells with hand stamped labels and full color artwork. Comes with a digital download.



recorded in santa ana, ca by sam winsor (many thanks!) 

mixed by jack ananian 

mastered by ben levinson 

album cover photo + design by lora mathis 

set design by jax and nate 

all songs written by matt terrones 

performed by: mt, nf, ni, jc, hd, ap

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