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Lost Sound Tapes

OLIVIA'S WORLD "Olivia's World EP" cassette tape (second edition)

OLIVIA'S WORLD "Olivia's World EP" cassette tape (second edition)

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Second edition available for purchase!

Release date April 23rd, 2021.

LST-109 OLIVIA'S WORLD "OLIVIA'S WORLD EP" Cassette Tape w/ Digital Download 

Release date October 25th, 2019.

Edition of 100 black cassette tapes with hand stamped labels and full color artwork. Comes with a Bandcamp digital download.

Lica Rezende moved to Vancouver, Canada, for a two-year minimum wage sabbatical in the Aussie summer of 2017. Feeling vivacious in Vancity, she bit the bullet and started frequenting gigs alone. On one of those nights, she drunkenly admitted to local cool-dad rocker Adrian Teacher how her proto-band with boyfriend Joe was desperate for a drummer, to which Teacher suggested his friend and indie legend Rose Melberg. As a long-time fan of Tiger Trap, Go Sailor, The Softies and Knife Pleats, Lica lost her shit.

Somehow, the suggestion was totally meant to be and the three of them, Joe, Alice and Rose, started Olivia’s World.

In May 2018, they recorded six songs at Terry and Jordan Koop’s The Noise Floor studio in Gabriola Island (Koop’s work discog includes Wolf Parade, The Courtneys, Dead Soft, WEED, Versing and several other Pacific Northwest gems). With Jordan’s help, Olivia’s World felt as though the songs were the soundtrack to their short-lived, intense experience in Vancouver (still, one-third of the band had been living there for eleven years).

Bouncy, sweet, and punchy, opening song "Blotter" aims to be a quick-hit peek into the trio’s perfect pop songwriting sensibilities. You might hear nods to bands like Dick Diver and The Courtneys.

Back in heat-stricken Brisbane, Alice & Joe plan to debut Olivia’s World EP on October 25th, 2019 via Lost Sound Tapes, with new members joining the band on this side of the world.


Recorded at The Noise Floor on May 2018 by Jordan Koop
Mixed by Joe Saxby and Jordan Koop
Mastered by Alex L'Estrange

Guitar and vox - Lica Rezende
Bass guitar - Joe Saxby
Drums and vox - Rose Melberg

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