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Self Released

OSITO "What on Earth?" vinyl LP

OSITO "What on Earth?" vinyl LP

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Self released LP by Osito of Seattle, WA!

Comes in a limited edition, hand made packaging.

For fans of Mt Eerie / The Microphones.  

What On Earth was recorded, produced and mixed by Gregory Flores ( in his home in Seattle, Washington from summer 2013 through the winter of 2014. 

Mastered by Dylan Wall ( 

Carrie Schaff: vocals on How Do I Already Know You?, Supernatural, Knock Knock, As Long As Blood Will Run and What On Earth. 

Gregory Flores: bass, beats, drums and synth throughout; guitar on Supernatural; vocals on Supernatural and Knock Knock. 

Thank you to my dear friends and family for your unyielding support over these last few years. I am humbled by the amount of love you’ve shown me. Greg, thank you for lending yourself to this project with me–for your collaboration and commitment. 

Dedicated in loving memory of Flynne Kirshenbaum.

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