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RED PONY CLOCK "Whatevz Forevzzz" vinyl LP

RED PONY CLOCK "Whatevz Forevzzz" vinyl LP

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"Founded by Gabe Saucedo and at times featuring upwards of 13 members, Red Pony Clock has opened shows for Architecture in Helsinki, Of Montreal, Apples in Stereo, Elf Power, Mt Erie, Persephones Bees, and others.

The group's music is experimental, mellow, '60s-influenced pop/folk rock, with heavy horns and decidedly tropical salsa-inspired undercurrents. Band members at various times have included Gabe Saucedo, Gerry Saucedo, Melina Saucedo, Tony Prudhome, Porsche Griggs, Martin Tapia, Adam Powell, Mike Lopez, Normandie Wilson, David Barclay, David Menchaca, Chris Marino, Samantha Abraham, Anthea Osguthorpe, and Lauren Plumlee.

At first listen, the density of the band's music can be overwhelming, even confounding. But take heart. While most twelve-headed monsters are intent on luring you under your bed only to inflict unspeakable acts of torture, Red Pony Clock would rather help you build a pillow fort in which to chill out and have a sing-along. Or better yet, a jamboree!

Over the course of eight years, they've gone from being Gabe Saucedo's one-man lo-fi recording project to the incalculable, cult-like assemblage of today, sporadically releasing their music on 7" records, cassettes, vinyl, and hand-decorated CDRs.

"The title of the new album, Whatevz Forevzzz, pretty much describes our music," singer/guitarist Gabe Saucedo tells the Reader.

Track Listing:

1. Positivity
2. Can We Be Calm
3. Everything Happens for a Reason
4. Waiting 4 U
5. Highlights
6. Drowsy Sword
7. Image Is Nothing (Thirst Is Everything)
8. Ya No Quiero Pelear
9. Done with the Drama
10. Similar to a Vestal
11. Whatever Forever
12. Like a Clown

Newest album from this long running San Diego indie pop band. Possibly even their best! Comes on brown vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Released by Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records

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