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Prty Ngg Records

SANDY CITY "Nice Hat" seven inch record

SANDY CITY "Nice Hat" seven inch record

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Released by Prty Ngg Records.

Lost Sound Tapes says: "'Nice Hat' is the debut single for the Northwest's finest 4-piece (non-)surf punx, released by Prty Ngg Records. Crunchy rhythm guitar, piercing lead guitar, straight ahead bass, thumping drums, and 4-part harmonies. The hit song 'Graces' is on the A-side with two tracks on the B-side 'Area Zeroes' and 'We Want The Fun'."

Prty Ngg says: "lo-fi party for fans of surfing, eric's trip, and running wild. mastered by local heartthrob fred thomas this 7" is guaranteed to knock yr socks off and make you wanna boogie."

Rok Lok Records says: "Amazing West Coast lo fi indie surf punk. For fans of Eric's Trip, The Beach Boys, Husker Du, Cause Co-Motion, and early Tullycraft. The tape on Fox Pop Recording Co has been blowing my mind for months now and I can't get it to leave my tape deck."

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