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Lost Sound Tapes

SOAR "Wilt" cassette tape

SOAR "Wilt" cassette tape

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Lost Sound Tapes edition of the SOAR tape that they self released for a tour in 2016. 

SOAR is a band from San Francisco consisting of Jenna, Rebecca, Shannon, and Mai. They're members of joyride!,Watercolor PaintingsVoid BoysDreamspoiler and a bunch of other bands! 

This six song EP, entiteld "Wilt", is a reflection of all of their previous efforts and a showing that a whole is more than the sum of its parts. All members sing and all write songs for SOAR. It's an acronym but it's also a secret. 

You could call them a rock band and these songs rock songs but there is a subtlety to the songwriting, a deep sense of self, and a cleverness as well. Just please don't call them twee. They don't like it and they are not that. 

Edition of 100 clear cassette tapes with slightly updated full color artwork and digital download code.

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