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Plastilina Records

SOFT CITY "Self Titled" CD

SOFT CITY "Self Titled" CD

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Released by Plastilina Records.

Ear Drum says: "I guess you can call The Soft City an “indiepop supergroup” with former members of bands like Comet Gain, Kicker, Ladybug Transistor, A Boy Named Thor and Crystal Stilts. The band started as the solo project of Phil Sutton (Comet Gain, Kicker). The Soft City is no longer a solo-project, but a full band. Dora Lubin’s strong vocals remind me of someone, but I really can’t tell who. It’s someone good, I know that much.

The Soft City’s self-titled debut-album is full of lovely pop songs with great melodies and jangly guitars. When I listen to these songs, I get the same feeling as I do when I listen to songs by The Go-Betweens and especially the ones Grant McLennan wrote. They may be upbeat and happy, but there’s always some kind of thoughtful melancholy beneath the happy melodies."

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